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Signs You Need to Replace Your Well Pressure Tank

As a homeowner in Mount Airy, Maryland, there’s a chance your humble abode relies on a well to provide H2O throughout your living space. And with that comes a well pressure tank and pump to help transport that water to where it is needed in your home. However, there is a chance your well pressure tank may be nearing its “final performance,” — and you may not know it until it’s too late.

Here are some common signs that indicate when you need to have your well pressure tank replaced by the Maryland plumbers at W.M. Wilson Plumbing:

Visible Signs of Water Leakage

When observing the tank, do you see any signs of water leakage? If not, do you notice any traces of rust? If so, this is a telltale sign that you need to have your well pressure tank replaced. Unfortunately, if this is not caught in the nick of time, the leak could worsen and lead to irreparable damage in your home (e.g., water damage, mold growth, etcetera) — as well as harm your electronic well water pump.

Higher Electricity Bills

If you notice an increase in your energy consumption, without rhyme or reason, this could be caused by your electric pump. When a well pressure tank is too small for the pump it’s operating with, it will cause the electronic pump to work harder than it has to in order to supply water throughout your home.

To help solve this problem, it’s likely that your home will need a much larger well pressure tank to work properly with the electronic pump you have in place. Of course, failure to catch this problem early could result in the demise of your pump — and it can be rather costly to replace.

The Tank Sounds Full

Your home’s pressure tank is mostly filled with — you guessed it — air. And if you think yours could require a replacement, you can perform a tap test. Starting at the top of the tank, gently tap the tank and see if you hear a hollow noise. If you do, that’s a good thing. After that, migrate to the tank’s water line and give it a light tap. If it sounds like there is something in there (a solid sound), that’s great to hear.

However, if you heard a solid sound at the top of the tank when you first started the examination, that means it could be filled with water and will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, when your electric pump short-cycles, it can cause this to happen.

Professional Plumbers in Maryland

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