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3 Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet

Leaky toilets are no oddity in the residential plumbing world. Due to continuous use and ordinary wear and tear, they can happen no matter how well you maintain your bathroom fixtures. If you have detected a leak in your toilet or suspect you could have one, it is paramount to get it repaired before it causes further damage to your home. 

That said, here are three common reasons as to why your “throne” may be leaking in the first place.

1. Damaged Flapper

Flappers are small devices situated at the bottom of your toilet’s tank that let the water flow into the bowl when flushing. They act as a seal between the tank and the bowl, allowing water to refill the tank once emptied. These simple devices are often made from rubber or plastic, making them prone to deterioration over time. If the flapper breaks, warps, or cracks, water will start to slowly, and often silently, leak into the bowl. 

Damaged flappers can cause your water bills to go up exponentially, but don’t fret! Flappers are relatively inexpensive and an easy fix if you hire a professional to do the job.

2. Damaged Tank

Cracked or broken tanks are easy to spot; if you see water accumulating on the floor around your toilet, chances are you have a damaged tank. Even though fixes like putty and sealants can stop the leak temporarily, it is advised that you ultimately replace the toilet to avoid future issues and water damage.

3. Rusted Fill Valve 

Fill valves are mechanisms that control the amount of water flowing into a toilet’s tank. Corroded or damaged fill valves will cause your tank to overflow, potentially damaging the space surrounding the toilet. Because fill valves are composed of multiple pieces, they can be tricky to install without the help of a skilled plumbing professional.

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